This deserves your undivided attention.

We are calling to you, filled with passion and pain.

We need your help.

You are important to us and We need you to use your influence and platform to spread truth and love to our world.

We want to share with you what we have created, because it matters to us so deep within, and it scares us more than we could convey through any lyric.

We can't be silent about what we see happening, so we're confronting the terrifying truth: our children are in danger and we're just letting it happen.

Guns. Detainment. Intolerance. These things threaten children every day. It's our responsibility to protect them, especially in the places where they live and learn.

We have to do more.

We have spent time with children who live in constant fear of an active shooter attack, or of being torn away from their families by ICE. We've listened to them and cried with them, and now we will not stop working toward a solution for them.

Our leaders are more influenced by lobbyists and money than by the safety of our children. Our children have had to lead the charge for change, because our leaders are failing them. It's time for us all to speak up for those who can't.

We need to vote. We need to march. We need to make our voices heard. And we need to make sure that these issues don't get lost in the 24-hour news cycle of distractions.

The lyrics and images in our video contain a message that we feel needs to be conveyed in the realest and rawest way possible because, simply, enough is enough. We’re sharing this with you in the hope that you will feel as deeply about these issues as we do, and join us in our movement of LOVE.

These aren't easy conversations, but they are necessary ones, and we need your help to keep them alive.

We have been blessed with art and influence as our tools; join us to create change.

Big Love,

– Manuel Oliver

"I was really honored when I heard that I had the opportunity to work with Will. The simple idea of being able to incoporate Joaquin's passion for music into graphics for an amazing band that we listened to together for years was exhilarating and seductive at the same time. The lyrics and melody were perfect but the cool vibe and positive energy behind the artist were even better. I was able to put the cover concept together in less than three days, not because of my graphic skills but because of the energy that Joaquin and Will bring to my life. It is my pleasure and a true highlight for me to be part of this incredible music project." we demand change

– Jammal Lemy, Creative Director March For Our Lives

I believe we must continually push the boundaries that confine us in the world of art. Black Eyed Peas never shied away from calling out the injustices of this country and we can use art to end this cycle. When creating the cover art for "Big Love," I knew the design had to be brought to a place of vulnerability. I remember sitting at my school desk sketching and daydreaming without thinking a mass shooting was in my future. Sadly, today's youth must always have this reality in the forefront of their minds. I'm glad I could work with will.i.am and Manuel Oliver on something I knew Joaquin would be proud of. Joaquin was never one to stay silent when something didn't sit well with him. The song "Big Love" fully reflects that. As a nation, we must band together and demand our voices be heard by every politician we elect. Kids are dying every day and its only right that ones who still have voices speak out. It's time for senseless gun violence to end.

– The Families Belong Together Coalition

The Trump administration forcibly separated thousands of immigrant children from their parents at the U.S. border and is still holding hundreds of children alone and traumatized in federal detention months past a court-ordered reunification deadline -- including children under 5 years old. Despite claiming an end to its family separation policy, the Administration has deported hundreds of these children's parents without them, and recently announced new rules to weaken basic human rights protections for children who seek legal asylum in America and allow for the long-term imprisonment of children in places where there have been well-documented instances of child abuse.

The Families Belong Together Coalition is on the forefront of the fight to permanently end family separation, immediately reunite all families who remain torn apart, end family incarceration, and reverse the Trump administration's zero-humanity policy that created this crisis. The Black Eyed Peas are adding their voices and their art at a critical moment and pushing us to drown out cruelty with big love.

"Millions of Americans across the country have risen up in support of dignity and basic human rights for all families and to demand our elected leaders stand up for compassion over cruelty,” said Jess Morales Rocketto, Chair of the Families Belong Together Coalition and political director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance. “‘Big Love’ is a powerful representation of this moment of unity, where people of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs are joining together and speaking out for children and for a country that lives up to American ideals.”

Led by the National Domestic Workers Alliance, MoveOn, the ACLU, FWD.us and The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, the Families Belong Together coalition includes nearly 250 different groups comprising tens of thousands of Americans from all backgrounds and organized the National Day of Action that saw hundreds of thousands of people protest family separation and other inhumane Trump Administration immigration policies at more than 780 events in all 50 states.

To show love to the kids and families who have been separated at the border visit familiesbelongtogether.org